The Iron Maidens Raw Open is a rare women's-only powerlifting competition. All ages and levels of experience are welcome!


The lifts

All lifters will have three attempts to lift one maximal rep for each of the following lifts, in the listed order:

  1. Back Squat

  2. Bench Press
  3. Deadlift

The sum of the heaviest successful attempts will constitute each lifter’s Total. For each weight class, a first, second and third place will be awarded to the highest Totals. In the event of a tie, the woman with the lower bodyweight will win. Competitors must make at least one successful attempt in each lift in order to have a Total and be considered for a winning place.

Weight classes

123lbs and under
132lbs and under
148lbs and under
165lbs and under
Over 165lbs



(Times below are approximate.)

7:00am — Lifters in the 123, 132 and 148 weight classes weigh-in

9:00am — Lifters in the 123, 132 and 148 weight classes begin lifting

1:30pm — Intermission, winners from the morning session are announced

12:30pm — Lifters in the 165, and 165+ weight classes weigh-in

2:30pm — Lifters in the 165, and 165+ weight classes begin lifting

6:30pm — Meet ends roughly around this time, winners from the afternoon session are announced; Best overall lifter from the entire day are also announced

Read the Rules page for a full breakdown of meet logistics, rules, and movement standards.

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"I'm getting older, but I'm also getting stronger... I find it empowering to work consistently on something all year round, then reap the rewards on one day."

Bethany, 39