If you're reading this, you're likely one of our badass competitors in an upcoming Iron Maidens meet. Congrats on participating, and thank you for helping us raise money for the Stay Strong Scholarship!

Below, we've compiled some steps and tips to help you in your fundraising.

Getting started

  1. Sign up for Crowdrise.

  2. Click ‘Join on the 4th annual Iron Maidens Fundraising’ page. You'll be given the option of joining a team or starting one-- that's up to you, but it might be easier to track your own goals if you are your own team!

  3. Tell everyone you know about the Iron Maidens competition and scholarship! We’ve written a sample letter below for you to use if you want. Send out an email to your network, a tweet, a facebook post, or even an instagram using this donation link:

  4. Make sure donors click on your team member profile to make their donation.

  5. Thank your donors!

Sample letter


I'm taking part in an incredible all female powerlifting competition called the Iron Maidens Raw Open on September 7 at Crossfit South Brooklyn!

The Iron Maidens Raw Open started and has continued raising money for The Stay Strong Scholarship to send (___choose your wording: undocumented women and Dreamers or women without access to financial aid___) to college. This scholarship benefits low-income, first generation women at Grace Outreach in the South Bronx. The scholarship has raised over $90,000 and put 15 women into college, and we need to keep raising money to keep our students enrolled!

I'm fundraising this year through Crowdrise to keep the Stay Strong Scholarship going! Now, more than ever, we need to continue supporting women improving their futures through education. 

I'm asking you for a donation of any amount to help keep our current students in college through the Stay Strong scholarship. Please donate through the link here.

Thank you!

Fundraising tips

Below are some fundraising tips, adapted from Convio. Please refer to the  Stay Strong Scholarship About page to personalize your request.   


Tip #1: Start early. The sooner you start asking for donations, the more money you will raise.

Tip #2: Set a challenging but attainable goal. Your fundraising goal should be a stretch, but doable. If you are getting close to your goal, then raise it so people continue to donate.

Tip #3: Contact everyone you know. Start with your email address book, then your regular address book and member lists from clubs you belong to. You’ll be surprised who gives!

Tip #4: Customize your emails. Make the email template yours! Include a personal story—why you’re raising money, why it’s important to you, and where the money goes using the information about Grace Outreach and the Stay Strong scholarship listed above.

Tip #5: Create an email schedule and stick to it. Set dates to send a first email announcing your participation, a second email asking for donations, an update email, and a ‘last chance’ email.

Tip #6: Ask, ask, and ask again. People can only make a donation if you give them the opportunity. Don’t be shy about asking more than once. People need to be reminded!

Tip #7: Add social media to the mix. Use status updates in Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to update friends on your fundraising and provide a direct link to your fundraising webpage.

Tip #8: Get creative. Add the URL for your fundraising webpage to your email signature. Give out “piggy banks” and ask people to save their change for a month. Hold an auction. Throw a party!

Tip #9: Stay focused. Remind yourself of why you are participating in the event, and how the money you will raise will help others. Turn to other fundraisers for inspiration and ideas.

Tip #10: Send a personalized thank you. After you’ve completed your fundraising, send your results to donors and thank them again for their help. You might need their support again next year!