On March 5, 2016, over 60 women ranging in age from 20 to 70 came from 4 NYC Boroughs, Long Island, Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Novice lifters gritted it out alongside experienced ones, and the energy was fierce. Check out Janet Upadhye’s piece for Salon Magazine to get a glimpse of this empowering day.

2016 Winners
123lbs and Under
1st Place: Nicole Ashley 230/107.5/235 TOTAL 572.5
2nd Place: Robin Figelman 195/142.5/215 TOTAL 552.2
3rd Place: Mandy Moreno 165/107.5/275 TOTAL 547.5

132lbs and Under
1st Place: Katie Harper 225/135/275 TOTAL 635
2nd Place: Judith Mirbach 215/125/280 TOTAL 620
3rd Place: Beth Zehe 215/125/275 TOTAL 615

148lbs and Under
1st Place: Charlie Nagle 280/152.5/340 TOTAL 772.5
2nd Place: Kayleigh Rose 250/120/340 TOTAL 710
3rd Place: Tracy Dougherty 220/135/315 TOTAL 670

165lbs and Under
1st Place: Serene Khader 315/145/360 TOTAL 820
2nd Place: Stella Zawistowski 230/147.5/300 TOTAL 677.5
3rd Place: Doreen Rigoglioso 190/97.5/285 TOTAL 572.5

Over 165lbs
1st Place: Sherine Marcelle 305/135/405 TOTAL 845
2nd Place: Morit Summers 290/175/375 TOTAL 840
3rd Place: Theresa McIntosh 315/140/350 TOTAL 805

Best Overall Lifter(s)
Charlie Nagle and Sherine Marcelle (Tied Wilks score of 362.13)

See full results here.